Goliath (2016)

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Genres: Drama

Country:  USA

Language:  English

Runtime:  1h

Creator:  David E. Kelley, Jonathan Shapiro

Director:  –


Writers:  –

Stars:  Billy Bob Thornton, William Hurt, Maria Bello, Olivia Thirlby, Nina Arianda, Molly Parker, Tania Raymonde, Sarah Wynter, Britain Dalton

Taglines:  A great place to get away with it all.

Motion Picture Rating (MPAA):


Storyline:  Billy Mcbride is going through a rough patch. He  fired from the law firm he helped build, his wife has left him, and he is now a down on his luck ambulance chaser. A lady approaches him to represent her in a wrongful death case. After reluctantly accepting to take on the case a series of strange events befall Billy. Through death threats, harassment and trumped up arrests, Billy embarks on obtaining justice, and it is one hell of a ride.



From renowned series creator David E. Kelly, GOLIATH is a dramatic series about a washed-up lawyer who finds himself trying a major case against the powerful law firm he helped create. Billy McBride (Billy Bob Thorton) was one of the most powerful trial lawyers in Southern California but now finds himself struggling with addiction and trying small-time cases. But when he’s approached by attorney Patty Solis-Papagian (Nina Arianda) about the strange circumstances surrounding a fatal boating accident that killed her client’s brother, he soon realizes the accident is somehow connected to a major defense contractor being represented by his former law firm. As he works with Patty and his former legal secretary-turned call girl Tania Raymond (Brittany Gold) to take the case to court, his former law partner Donald Cooperman (William Hurt) is pushing attorneys Callie Senate (Molly Parker) and second-year assistant attorney Lucy Kittridge (Olivia Thirlby) to stop him by any means possible, much to the dismay of the firm’s general council, Leonard Letts (Damon Gupton), and partner Michelle McBride (Maria Bello), who also happens to be Billy’s ex-wife. It’s a difficult, complicated, and risky situation, but McBride knows that he has the ability to beat this goliath — and possibly redeem himself in the process.

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