Is Enes Batur a Dream? (2018)


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Director: Kamil Cetin

Writers: Enes Batur (story), Busra Nur Karahan | 1 more credit »

Stars: Enes Batur, Bilal Hanci, Atakan Özyurt

Genres: Comedy

Country: Turkey

Language: Turkish

Release Date: 19 January 2018 (Turkey) See more »

Also Known As: Энес Батур. Мечта или реальность?

Runtime: 110 min

Color: Color

Enes Batur has to decide between going to college or being a professional Youtuber.

Is Enes Batur a Dream? Isa 2018 Turkish comedy based on the life ofvlogger Enes Batur ,directed by Kamil Çetin. The leading roles are Batur, Ceyda Düvenci , Bekir Aksoy , Başak Karahan and Egemen Mustafa Almacı. Film, vision entered Turkey on 19 January 2018. During the eleven weeks she was seen by 1.4 million people, she had milyon17.4 million in revenue.


Here is a movie long youtube videokubilayorcun-0147631 January 2018
While reviewing this movie the first thing to consider is “Should this movie be considered as a long enough youtube video while reviewing it or should i review it as it is a movie?”. If it is first option, it is a profitable and enjoyable youtube content. But since this is a review on IMDb we shall consider it as a movie so it sucks. First thing to mention is cast which is full of famous or almost-famous ‘youtubers’. Those guys or girls are not actresses or actors they should just continue to produce entertaining and enjoyable content for youtube. This situation that they have put themselves into is something like “I can ride a bike well , so why not i ride a motorbike ?”. This is a logic that nobody should believe or follow. I won’t even mention the actings of those i have been talking about. Maybe story can be somehow inspiring, but it can only inspire under 10 years old kids who can be inspired by almost anything at that age.


28 January 2018 | by ozge-figen
Second-hand embarrassment at its finest. Even a person who never tried to write a script or tried to hold a camera in their life could maintain a quality like this. Just so you know, you could at least put some effort in it. I don’t know, make it somehow interesting or put some experienced actors, this movie is something a high-schooler would make. I’m not sure if this movie really took time, with this poor quality. Oh and, the creator himself is actually trying to make this movie look good by calling out his fans. Smh.

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