Aqua Teen Hunger Force (2000)


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Rated: TV-14 

Released: 30 December 2000 (USA)

Runtime: 15 Min

Taglines:  Number 1 in the hood, G!

Genres: Animation | Comedy


Writers: Dave Willis , Matt Maiellaro

Actors: Dave Willis , Carey Means , Dana Snyder

Country: USA

Language: English


The Aqua Teen Hunger Force debuted on episode 92 Baffler Meal of the cartoon talk-show Space Ghost Coast to Coast According to, Master Shake is portrayed as being a chocolate milkshake in this episode, although he’s a pistachio shake in the series.


Somewhere on the South Jersey coast, hidden in his secret laboratory, the (literally) mad scientist Dr. Weird plots his latest hair-brained scheme against the planet. This calls for a team of heroes to rise up and stop him, and, to fill this need, a wise and supernaturally gifted carton of French Fries called Frylock, an amiable but almost entirely stupid wad of burger meat called Meatwad, and a sharp-tongued and bullying milkshake called Master Shake have come forward. Together, this bickering team of unlikely (and with the exception of one of them, largely unwilling) adventurers battle some of the least-dangerous and incompetent threats to this planet – when they’re not annoying their long-suffering neighbour Carl by swimming in his pool, that is. Aqua Team Hunger Force, assemble!

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