Final Space (2018)


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Rated: TV-14

Released: 8 April 2018 (USA)

Runtime: 30min

Genres: Animation | Action | Adventure | Comedy | Drama | Fantasy | Sci-Fi


Writers: Olan Rogers

Actors: Olan Rogers

Country: USA

Language: English


An astronaut named Gary and his planet-destroying sidekick called Mooncake embark on serialized journeys through space in order to unlock the mystery of where the universe actually ends and if it actually does exist.


Final Space is an epic animated sci-fi comedy about a spaceman named Gary who is working off a prison sentence and makes a mysterious new alien friend, Mooncake, that he immediately bonds with. But what Gary doesn’t know is that his adorable new sidekick is actually wanted by the sinister Lord Commander who will stop at nothing to use Mooncake’s untapped powers for evil.

Gary Lockwood goes on intergalactic adventures with his planet-destroying sidekick Mooncake and anthropomorphic cat (and bounty hunter) Avocato. Together they will take on The Lord Commander and try to stop him from getting to ‘Final Space’: the most powerful and mystifying force in all the universe, which could very well mean the end of life itself.

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