I, Claudius (1976)


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Released: 20 September 1976 (Uk)

Runtime: 669 Min

Taglines: Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.

Genres: Biography | Drama | History



Actors: Derek Jacobi , John Hurt , Siân Phillips

Country: UK

Language: English, German


The history of the Roman Empire as experienced by one of its rulers.


The mini-series follows the history of the Roman Empire, from approximately the death of Marcellus (24/23 BC) to Claudius’ own death in 54 AD. As Claudius narrates his life, we witness Augustus’ attempts to find an heir, often foiled by his wife Livia who wants her son Tiberius to become emperor. We also see the conspiracy of Sejanus, the infamous reign of Caligula, and Claudius’ own troubled period of rule.

The elderly Roman emperor Claudius writes his memoirs, telling of the history of the Roman empire through his own period of rule. It begins as Augustus is emperor, and his scheming wife Livia will stop at nothing to make her son from a previous marriage Tiberius the next emperor. This conflict sets the stage for a long period of intrigue and double-crosses among the Roman elite, all of it witnessed by Claudius, whose limp and stammer cause everyone to think him simple-minded and thus leave him alone. But Claudius in fact posesses a very keen intellect, and is determined to see justice be done and Rome returned to a Republican form of government.


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