Freaks and Geeks (1999)


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Rated: NC-16

Released: 25 September 1999 (USA)

Runtime: 44 Min

Taglines: It’s 1980 And This Is What High School Was Like For The Rest Of Us. See More »

Genres: Comedy | Drama


Writers: Paul Feig

Actors: Linda Cardellini , John Francis Daley , James Franco

Country: USA

Language: English


A high school mathlete starts hanging out with a group of burnouts while her younger brother navigates his freshman year.


It’s the 1980s and at McKinley High, there’s two different groups of teenagers, the Freaks with cool and charismatic Daniel Desario and tomboy Lindsay Weir and the Geeks with Lindsay’s shy younger brother Sam, gentle Bill Haverchuck, and self-proclaimed ladies’ man Neal Schweiber. The show chronicles the normal teen/adolescence problems any teenager goes through including acceptance, drugs, drinking, and bullying.

This is the story about two groups at high school- freaks and geeks. The freaks (lead by Daniel Desario), add a new member to there group, Lindsey Weir (a once mathlete) who just wants to fit in. The geeks Bill, Neal, and Sam have a mission of making it through their freshman year of high school.

Growing up circa 1980, a misfit high-school student and his pals are probably destined to become new media millionaires, but right now they’re stuck in school, where all the girls are a foot taller and bullies terrorize the gym class. Meanwhile, his older sister is flirting with the dope-smoking bad boys, cutting classes and questioning the point of getting good grades.

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