Girls (2012)


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Rated: TV-MA

Released: 15 April 2012 (USA)

Runtime: 28 Min

Genre: Comedy, Drama


Writers: Lena Dunham

Actors: Lena Dunham , Allison Williams , Jemima Kirke

Country: USA

Language: English


A comedy about the experiences of a group of girls in their early 20s.


The assorted humiliations, disasters and rare triumphs of four very different twenty-something girls: Hannah, an aspiring writer; Marnie, an art gallery assistant and cousins Jessa and Shoshanna.

An aspiring writer and her three friends, all in their early 20s, together try to make sense of what life has in store for them after living in New York for two years. They’re not sure what they want, or who they want it from, and the picture isn’t getting any clearer. Hannah thinks she has what it takes to be a successful writer, if only she would write something. She wants a boyfriend without dealing with an actual relationship, and she wants a job without having to work. Marnie is Hannah’s best friend, a Type A personality who has a serious boyfriend and an actual job. Jessa is a devil-may-care bohemian whose apparent lack of fear hides her own kind of insecurity. Her cousin, Shoshanna, is an NYU student who would love nothing more than to experience a Sex and the City lifestyle. The others tend to underestimate Shoshanna, but she proves to be a sharp source of wisdom.


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