Kingdom Come Deliverance


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Country: Czech Republic

Language: English

Release Date: 13 February 2018 (USA)

Director: Daniel Vávra

Writers: Daniel Vávra (lead writer), Ondrej Bittner

Stars: Tom McKay, Matthew Wolf, Michael Pitthan

Developer: Warhorse Studios

Genre(s): Action Adventure, General, Historic, Role-Playing, Action RPG

# of players: No Online Multiplayer

Cheats: On GameFAQs

Rating: M

Taglines: Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a story-driven open-world RPG that immerses you in an epic adventure in the Holy Roman Empire.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a story-driven open-world RPG. Henry thrusts into a civil war, watching helplessly as invaders storm his village and slaughter his family. Narrowly escaping the brutal attack, he grabs his sword to fight back.

Bohemia – located in the heart of Europe, the region is rich in culture, silver, and sprawling castles. The death of its beloved ruler, Emperor Charles IV, has plunged the kingdom into dark times: war, corruption, and discord are tearing this jewel of the Holy Roman Empire apart. One of Charles’ sons, Wenceslas, has inherited the crown. Unlike his father, Wenceslas is a naive, self-indulgent, unambitious monarch. His half-brother and King of Hungary, Sigismund the Red Fox, senses weakness in Wenceslas. Feigning good will, Sigismund travels to Bohemia and kidnaps his half-brother. With no king on the throne, Sigismund is now free to plunder Bohemia and seize its riches. In the midst of this chaos, you’re Henry, the son of a blacksmith. Your peaceful life is shattered when a mercenary raid, ordered by King Sigismund himself, burns your village to the ground. By bittersweet fortune, you are one of the sole survivors of this massacre. Without a home, family, or future you end up in the service of Lord Radzig Kobyla, who is forming a resistance against the invasion. Fate drags you into this bloody conflict and shoves you into a raging civil war, where you help fight for the future of Bohemia.

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