The Nut Job (2014)


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Rated: G

Released: 21 February 2015 (Japan)

Runtime: 85 Min

Taglines: Let’s Get Nuts! See more »

Genres: Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Family

Director: Peter Lepeniotis

Writers: Lorne Cameron , Peter Lepeniotis

Actors: Will Arnett , Brendan Fraser , Liam Neeson

Country: Canada, South Korea, USA

Language: English, Dutch

An incorrigibly self-serving exiled squirrel finds himself helping his former park brethren survive by raiding a nut store, a location that also happens to be a front for a human gang’s bank robbery.


In a city park, Surly the Squirrel has finally gone too far with his latest caper . Now exiled, Surly and his rat buddy Buddy’s collective nightmare on the streets ends when they discover a nut store to raid. With no other options, she arranges a deal to help in Surly’s heist for the colony, even while Surly fully intends to betray it. However, there is more going on with the nut store being a front for bank robbers while Raccoon has his own agenda to ensure his own power. In the mayhem to come, Surly finds himself challenged in ways he never expected and discovering the real prize to treasure in this adventure.

Surly is a squirrel who believes that the world is every man for himself, when his latest crime gets him kicked out of the park community, but what they don’t know is that the joint is actually a hideout for criminals who plan to rob the bank next door, also unaware that raccoon, the park leader plans to destroy the nut heist to reclaim his power: with obstacles, surly must claim the nuts, stop the bank robbery, foil raccoon’s plans and finally learn what life is really about.

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