Her (2013)


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Rated: PG12

Released: 28 June 2014 (Japan)

Runtime: 126 Min

Taglines: A Spike Jonze love story.

Genres: Drama | Romance | Sci-Fi

Director: Spike Jonze

Writers: Spike Jonze

Actors: Joaquin Phoenix , Amy Adams , Scarlett Johansson

Country: USA

Language: English

In a near future, a lonely writer develops an unlikely relationship with an operating system designed to meet his every need.


In today’s world, much is accomplished through the use of computer systems which use voice recognition, those computer systems which in turn communicate to their user often through a generated voice. Theodore Twombly, who works as a writer of computer-generated handwritten letters for clients, is an introverted man on the verge of divorce from his long time love, Catherine. He is hanging onto his marriage for dear life. Beyond his purely platonic relationship with a longtime friend, the married Amy, Theodore is having problems moving onto other satisfying female relationships, either romantically or even sexually. He eventually realizes he is falling for his confidante who has become possibly his best friend, Samantha, the name he has given to the artificial intelligence operating system that powers all his personal technological devices. As Samantha is designed to cater to Theodore’s needs, she evolves to a point of falling for him as well. Beyond the fact that Samantha does not have a body, they have to come up with ways of making the relationship into one truly fulfilling in every component. Three of the many questions that may arise are whether Theodore’s relationship with Samantha is preventing him from having a more satisfying relationship with a female human, whether a human and a computer operating system truly can be bonded in all critical aspects, and whether Samantha’s quick evolution means she will evolve even further to her own form of self-fulfillment.

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